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Qazzoo Ties Consumers To Businesses And Vice Versa

May 22, 2015
The world of online advertising is anything but effective. It is essentially companies trying to figure out how to get consumers to buy their products, most of which they do not need. If you are a business that believes in your products or services, but simply needs to reach the right people, then there is a highly effective new way to advertise online. Qazzoo is essentially a commerce-driven social networking website. It allows consumers to connect with the businesses or merchants that offer the products and services they want. is a leap forward in terms of search technology and online business leads. It ties consumers to businesses and vice versa for the products and services they want. The consumer requests that are made by users are posted to in real time, with no delay. It is posted to an extensive network that includes a number of websites, apps, social media, and the Qazzoo platform. What this means is that the consumer request has significant reach without any real work being done on the consumer's part. Consumers are encouraged to post as much detail as possible in order to fill out their request and their profile. Businesses or consumers are able to narrow the results by geographical area—meaning that if a consumer wants to shop local, they have the ability to do so.